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Ainä aka Puppykiller
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I'm just another random girl u will find around this web page, nice and polite most of the time, obsessed with good ortography ( unfortunatly just in norwegian lol in english i pretty much suck ). I study Psychology and i'm in love with my carrer.
I live on my own since many years ago and i guess its just the way things really must go. I have an older brother Thorsten he's 25 years old ( mentally he's about 6) and yeah he's cute, and i have aswell Hannah she's 9 years old and my adopted brother who i love with all my heart, he's name is Iker and he's 18 years old and yeah he's cute aswell, unfortunatly i dont see them often as i wish, i live in Oslo and they live in Bergen, soon i'll upload some pics of them.
So yeah thats pretty much me and my sad life, ah yes btw i have bulimia since i'm very young so dont be scared if u read "those" things in my journal or dont come and criticize what i do please. U may find some happy bunnies in my journal who knows.
everything's about calories baby!